About the Ukhozi FM Funeral Plan

When you or someone in your family passes away, make sure that the funeral expenses does not add to your family's burden. The Ukhozi FM Funeral Plan pays out a lump sum on your death or the death of a family member covered by the policy.

Cover ranges from R10 000 up to R75 000.

In addition, the Ukhozi FM Funeral Plan benefit includes the following:

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Educator Benefit

We understand the importance of education and that you want to ensure that your children can have the best education even when you are no longer there. The Ukhozi FM Funeral plan benefit includes an educator benefit which pays out R35000 per child covered in the policy towards their university fees for up to 5 children

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Vehicle access benefit

We understand what goes into arranging a funeral, our Ukhozi FM Funeral plan benefit also provides a car for 3 days to help with the funeral arrangements. The car comes with a full tank of petrol and unlimited mileage.

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Premiums back benefit

In addition to the funeral benefit you have chosen we also pay back a portion of your premiums paid at claims stage for you and your partner. E.G. you were covered for R50 000, at claims stage we will payout R50 000 plus pay back a portion off all premiums you paid since your policy has been active.

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These benefits are available at an additional premium.

  • Monthly provider benefit – It pays up to R2000 per month for 12 months on death to help the family cover monthly basic living expenses.
  • Memorial benefit – It pays up to R10 000 one year after your death to assist with expenses to cover the cost of the unveiling ceremony. You can also choose to have this benefit paid out at claim stage.
  • Parents funeral benefit - Cover for your parents and your parents in law.
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Extended family Funeral Cover

We understand that family is not only your partner and children. The Ukhozi FM Extended Funeral plan benefit also gives you an option to cover your parents in law, adult children, brothers & sisters, uncle & aunt, nieces & nephews, grandparents and your cousins all under one policy.

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Money back

You have an option to add the money back benefit to your policy. If you add the benefit, you will get back 20% of premiums you paid after every 60 months provided the policy is active. Your policy must be in place for a continuous period of 5 years at the time the pay-out is due.

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Family Funeral Benefit

We know how much you love and care for your family and how you want to protect them against the financial burden of funeral expenses in the event of death. The Ukhozi FM family funeral plan benefit allows you to cover your partner and up to 5 children. You can also cover 5 additional children on the plan at an additional premium per child.

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Memorial/Tombstone Benefit

The memorial benefit is aimed at helping you to cover the cost of erecting a tombstone. The benefit is available for you and your partner. You can choose a cover amount of R5000 or R10 000. This benefit is available at claims stage or a year later.

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Monthly Provider Benefit

You could be a bread winner in your family, to ensure that your family can still afford to cover basic living expenses after your passing, the monthly provider benefit will pay out up to R2000 monthly to your family for 12 months. (This benefit covers you and your partner)

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Inkomo benefit

In our culture slaughtering a cow is important during the funeral. The inkomo benefit pays out R10 000 on the death of the main member or partner (at an additional cost).

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